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6 essential steps to curb illegal immigration

What to look for in illegal immigration reform

Congress is going to debate immigration reform later this month. The focus will be on so-called comprehensive immigration reform. While making legal entry to the US easier will benefit the country, preventing illegal immigration is essential. Unfortunately, Congress has a history of opening the flood gates of immigration while avoiding action on illegal immigration. It is important to make your member of Congress aware of what you expect in an immigration reform law.

We rely on our government for the security of our country and integrity of its borders. Our representatives should know that we expect them to fix this problem. There isn’t much one can do as a consumer to alter the use of illegal labor. First, the government makes it hard on businesses to comply. There is no real ability to check an SSN to make sure it is not fraudulent. There is no protection from law suits that result from discriminating against someone you suspect of being illegal. Lastly, there is every incentive to hire illegal aliens as businesses that don’t hire them are at a competitive disadvantage.

Because the government needs to act, it is important to change the political situation. Identity politics is going to make this difficult if we delay. Economics and geography conspire to make Hispanics the largest identity group among illegal aliens. As the Hispanic minority gets larger, so does the number of citizens who are sympathetic to illegal immigrants that are part of their own ethnic group.

It is imperative that we pressure our governments to do the following:

  1. At a national level, make it easier for employers to do the right thing. Set up a web based system to provide instant SSN checks for employers and grant lawsuit protection against discrimination claims.
  2. Increase enforcement efforts including investigating employers and actually detaining and deporting illegal aliens that are apprehended. While record arrests were made last year, twice as many illegal aliens were released into the country after being caught. If you are keeping score that means about 10% of the illegal aliens come into contact with law enforcement annually. We do not need to institute mass deportation; we just need to stop catch and release. If you are in the country illegally and have an encounter with law enforcement, you should expect to be leaving the country shortly.
  3. Stop the concept of "sanctuary cities". If a jurisdiction has a policy of not cooperating with federal law enforcement including ICE, then they get 0 federal dollars for anything. Period, no exceptions, that is it.
  4. Pressure Mexico. Mexico is waging an undeclared war with us. If they continue, we need to provide them with consequences. We should bill them for every inmate we have to house, every child we educate, and every patient we treat that is a Mexican citizen here illegally. I would expand this to all countries. They can feel free to do the same to us.
  5. Change the interpretation of the Constitution to eliminate anchor babies. The constitution is fairly clear but as most things, you have to speak slow and use small words for liberals to understand. An executive order could cause the courts to rule on the issue but a constitutional amendment would make it concrete. You need to be here legally for your baby to be a citizen.
  6. Make guest workers go home regularly. Actually expect folks to go back home for 30 or 60 days at a time and no sneaking across the border. If they can get sponsored for short term US employment in their home countries and can return for 8 or 9 months, they will go home so they can come back without paying smugglers. Most illegals want to return to Mexico for holidays and to see the families they are supporting. Migrants or guest workers should not be allowed to stay for more than a year without a 30 day return home and they should not jump to the front of the citizenship line.

If you support these measures, tell your representative, senator, and local representatives that this is what you expect from them. Tell them that their failure to deliver on this issue will cause you to seek a different candidate for the next election.

Re: 6 essential steps to curb illegal immigration

I think you've got great ideas here, but how are these ideas enforced?

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