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Why I Hate “Free” Healthcare
It didn’t surprise me at all when I didn’t get a return call from my doctor. The results of the test should have been in for a week when I finally called. Nobody thought to look at them. There was no insurance company form to prompt a call to the pa...
Oct 1, 2007
John Edwards has a health care plan
Of all the potential presidential candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, none have taken a more active role in depleting the available resources of the health care system than John Edwards. Besides enriching himself and his clients to the tun...
Feb 4, 2007
Reflecting on 12,000
On Jan. 14, 2000, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record high of 11,722.98. It took over six and a half years for a new record of 11,727.34 to be set on October 3, 2006. On October 19th, it closed above 12,000. Of course, this new record ...
Oct 21, 2006