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Is global warming a crisis?
Could it be that global warming is not a crisis? That was the question in the Intelligence Squared debate on April 18th in New York. On the no crisis side was writer and filmmaker Michael Crichton, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science...
May 11, 2007
Is global warming unequivocal?
The scientists of the world have spoken and global warming is unequivocal. Actually, it was the scientists of the UN and they actually said that global warming was probably anthropogenic (dork speak for caused by humans). This is a big leap and if they...
Feb 5, 2007
Energy Independence Through Corn Liquor
As a warmer than average winter on the populated east coast has oil prices dropping, the US is about to supplement its supply of cheap oil with expensive corn alcohol. This will be domestic ethanol as high tariffs keep cheap foreign ethanol from being...
Jan 13, 2007