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6 essential steps to curb illegal immigration
Congress is going to debate immigration reform later this month. The focus will be on so-called comprehensive immigration reform. While making legal entry to the US easier will benefit the country, preventing illegal immigration is essential. Unfort...
May 12, 2007
The top 6 lies about illegal immigration
The US Senate is getting ready to debate comprehensive immigration reform later this month. Prepare yourself for a steady stream of misinformation aimed at building support for another amnesty for immigration criminals. While these talking points str...
May 11, 2007
Jobs progressives don’t want Americans to do
With news of raids on businesses employing illegal aliens as a back drop, fresh hand wringing over the plight of immigration criminals (undocumented workers is the popular euphemism) and their contribution to the economy is filling the editorial page o...
Mar 29, 2007
Border Battles
Maybe it started when the New Deal made the US worker more expensive. Subsequent legislation such as the minimum wage exacerbated the problem. The industrial growth after World War II masked the effects for a while. It became worse when the Great Soc...
Mar 29, 2006